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2024 Photo Contest

Photo Contest – Due April 22

Pictures are voices that speak to us using only their colors, angle shots, and content. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year when many flowers wake up, the land becomes vivid green, and critters come out to say, “hello”.

One purpose of the Cultural Events Committee is to highlight culture and heritage of the local community and region. Therefore, the Cultural Events Committee is sponsoring a photo contest. Can you capture a beautiful photograph image that best represents the culture within your county during the spring 2024 season?


1. Who can enter the contest?

  • Robeson Community College Students including Early College and CCP students as well

2. Fill out the application form completely. Applications forms have been sent to your RCC email account. Incomplete application forms accompanying the entry will result in disqualification

3. Enter original self-created entry that you took with your camera or camera feature on your phone during the spring 2024 season only. Photo must be taken of something in your county that best showcases your county during the spring. Photos can include images of nature, buildings, structures, spring events, people wearing spring attire, or deteriorating structures representing the past such as an old barn covered with flowers or greenery.

  • Let the image speak to you. *Note- Any vulgar pictures will be disqualified with no return.

4. Enter one photo per student with the accompanying application form.

5. A group of judges will judge the entries. *Note- All judges’ decisions are final.


Winner will receive a cash prize and recognition will be awarded to the winner of the contest.


Winner will have an opportunity to be on the school web and Facebook page.


Photo and application form must be delivered to building 4, office 413 to Ms. Sherry Lofton, English Instructor or emailed to