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20 graduate from RCC’s CDL & Truck Driving Academy

Congratulations to our newest graduates of the CDL / Truck Driving Academy at Robeson Community College,” stated Braxton Ballard, the director of transportation programs at RCC. “Each one of these students has earned his/her CDL’s and will have the ability, and right, to drive commercially anywhere in the United States.”

The graduates completed all the requirements for the commercial driver’s license certificate, which included coursework and on-the-road driver training.

“Each student that has completed the program now has the ability to obtain employment in a high demand field to drive commercially for any number of companies or even go in business themselves as an owner-operator,” stated Ballard. “Getting your CDL’s can be lifechanging and gives you the ability to support your family and sustain a living wage.”

Ballard says he looks forward to hearing many success stories from this cohort of students, many of which already have jobs lined up.

“This program has put many on the road to success,” Ballard says. “Here’s to starting a new chapter in life.”

The March 2024 graduates are as follows:

  • Layla Evans
  • Brittany Morrison
  • Charles Hawthrone
  • Lukess Holman
  • Rashed Brown
  • James Polston
  • Brian Woods
  • Jadrian Hunt
  • Mykelen Thompson (Not Pictured)
  • Manuel Sanchez
  • Derrick Williams
  • Curtis Jones
  • Jalen Bronson
  • Sylvain Bony (Not Pictured)
  • Robert Dial (Not Pictured)
  • Courtney Blue
  • Patrice Blue
  • Kashara Ballard
  • Patrice Blue
  • Christian Locklear (Not Pictured)

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