Placement Testing

All students applying for a program at Robeson Community College are required to take the ACCUPLACER® test unless determined exempt. The test is a computer-adaptive testing program that quickly and accurately assesses students’ skill levels in Reading, Writing, and Math. This assessment is designed to help identify your present strengths and determine your academic readiness for a program of interest. Because the test is not timed, prospective students are able to work at their own pace; therefore, alleviating the pressure of completing the assessment within a specific time period. This advantage greatly reduces test anxiety for many students who may otherwise feel pressure during timed testing situations. The ACCUPLACER® math and English/reading assessments determines academic readiness for a student’s program of study. Calculators can be used on certain items on the math assessment. Testing time is usually three to four hours, but will vary based upon student ability and experience in reading comprehension, writing and math. Students obtain test results at the conclusion of the assessment. All test scores are valid for five years (see test preparation below).

RCC Retest Policy
Testing is used to place students in appropriate level courses rather than for admissions purposes. Therefore, retesting is not recommended for regular programs unless it is determined that first test scores are invalid.

Testing by Appointment Only
Students must have a current application and official high school/college transcripts on file with our Admissions Department before scheduling to test. You may call our Admissions office at (910) 272-3342 or stop by 1301 in the Fred G. Williams Student Center to schedule a placement test.

Other Test Scores
Robeson Community College accepts other test scores such as the ASSET, ACCUPLACER®, SAT and ACT. All scores must be within five years.

Test Preparation
Students may visit the ACCUPLACER website to prepare for the placement test at: Additionally, you may visit the following website for more test preparation: You may download the ACCUPLACER Web-based Study App. for the North Carolina Community College System (item#:130095417) with College Board at

Testing Accommodations
If you need accommodations, due to a disability, please contact our coordinator of disability services at (910) 272-3345 so that appropriate arrangements can be made prior to testing.

Possible Test Exemptions
Students who have the appropriate college credits in Math or English may be exempt from placement testing. Please have an official transcript sent to RCC for review. Appropriate college credits from other institutions may be transferred to RCC if applicable.

Allied Health Testing

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V)
The TEAS V measures an individual’s ability in mathematics, science, English, and reading comprehension.

Testing by Appointment Only
Students must meet with a counselor to review the Allied Health Checklist (Application) to determine if they are eligible to take the TEAS V test. Students must have the appropriate test scores and coursework to sign up to test. All developmental coursework with grades of C or better must be completed before a student can register to take the TEAS V.

Other Test Scores
Robeson Community College will accept other test scores. Scores must be within five years.

Testing Accommodations
If accommodations are needed, due to a disability, please contact our coordinator of disability services at (910) 272-3345 so that appropriate arrangements can be made prior to testing.

Permission for Release
Students may request that their scores for tests taken at RCC be transferred to other schools by completing the Permission for Release. The form can be obtained from Counseling and Career Services.

Transfer of Test Scores
RCC applicants who have taken tests at other colleges should request to have their test scores sent to Counseling and Career Services. The “Test Score Request” forms are available directly and on-line from the Admissions Office. Test scores delivered by applicants must be in a SEALED envelope with official signatures across the seal to be valid. The address is:
Counseling and Career Services
P.O. Box 1420
Lumberton, NC 28359