C-STEP advisor with 2 students

Current C-STEP students and adviser attend function at UNC Chapel Hill.

Begin at RCC but End at UNC Chapel Hill

The Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program (C-STEP) is a partnership between Robeson Community College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. C-STEP is designed to foster success by identifying talented low-to-moderate income students while they are early in their community college experience, work with the community college to mentor students as they complete the associate’s degree and transfer as a junior to UNC Chapel Hill.

Participating in C-STEP means having an academic advisor at Robeson Community College as well as UNC Chapel Hill and participating in activities designed to develop a connection the Carolina community (students, faculty, and staff). Robeson Community College students who participate in the program are guaranteed eventual admission to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provided they complete the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree and maintain a minimum cumulative G.P.A. above 3.2. 


Questions regarding the program may be found at the following website or by contacting C. Edmonds at Robeson Community College by email cedmonds@robeson.edu or by phone 910-272-3362.