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TLC – Reading and Writing Resources

The Writing Center @ TLC offers free instructional support at all levels and stages of writing across the curriculum in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Tutors work with students on all types of writing assignments.

A primary objective of The Writing Center is to help students become better, more independent writers through instructional methods and programs including tutoring, technology, workshops and seminars. Contact TLC if you would like to get help with your writing.

The link below will direct you to articles and other writing resource links:

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MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Writing a Thesis Statement

Summary Checklist 

Common Reading Myths

Reading…What To Do If…

Common MLA Works Cited Entries

Run On Sentences and Fragments

Essay Roadmap: Outlining an Essay

Grammar Bytes: An Interactive Site for Help with Grammar and Writing

Articles About Writing in the Workforce

The Importance of Writing Skills in the Workplace

8 Reasons Why Reading Is Important 

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