Robeson Community College


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is The Learning Center located on the Robeson Community College campus?

A: TLC is located in Building 14, Room 1427B. For hours of operation, visit our website under Hours of Operation.

Q: Is the tutoring program at TLC certified?

A: The tutoring program at TLC is among more than 1,000 college tutoring programs that are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.

Q. Does the Writing Center @ TLC serve only English students?

A. No, the Writing Center works across the curriculum to serve all student writing needs.

Q. Will the Writing Center @ TLC help me with grammar?

A. A student should sign up with an English tutor for help with grammar. Ask your teacher, first, for help, or for a referral form to visit the Center.

Q. Does it cost anything to visit The Learning Center?

A. There is no cost for visiting The Learning Center. All services are free for Robeson Community College students.

Q. May I come in to get tutoring for a class I am taking next semester?

A. No, students must be currently enrolled in classes for which they seek tutoring.

Q. What if I can’t come to campus? Can I get tutoring over the phone?

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide tutoring over the phone. We encourage you to schedule a time to come visit with us. However, you may also consider using Smarthinking, which is an online tutoring program supported by Robeson Community College. Access can be found in your Moodle shell.

Q. Can I get tutoring for the Math and/or English placement tests?

A. Since placement tests are for the purpose of “placing” the student in the proper course, it would be counterproductive to receive tutoring. To achieve maximum success, the student should be placed in the most appropriate course for his or her level.

Q. What courses are tutored at TLC?

A. We try to offer support for as many courses as possible. The range of subjects covered may vary from on semester to the other, so please call the Center and ask for help with your question.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of tutoring I can receive?

A. Sessions usually last about one hour; however, if a tutor is free, and time permits, they will work with individual students a little longer; however, this is at the discretion of the tutor. Students are encouraged to seek help only when they need it, and not depend on a tutor for regular daily appointments.

Q. Can the English tutors proofread my paper?

A. In order to maintain the integrity of the students’ work, our English tutors are instructed to not write on student papers. While tutors will assist the student in developing a theme or an idea for a paper, they will not write the paper for them. The tutor will point out recurring problems (i.e., tense, punctuation, spelling, etc.), but will not make any changes to the paper.

Q. Can I type my paper at TLC? Can I print my homework in TLC before my class?

A. The Learning Center is NOT a designated computer lab. Laptops are available for tutoring sessions. Students may print their papers during a tutoring session. Also, we recommend that students not wait until just before class time to print materials. Students should be prepared for class well before class begins. Students are responsible for providing their own paper.

Q: Do students have to make an appointment to receive tutoring?

A: Appointments are preferred, but you are always welcome to visit the Center. The staff of TLC cannot guarantee help without an appointment. Students are encouraged to contact TLC at least two days in advance. Students needing help should first ask their instructors for a referral. Tutoring applications are available on this website:

Q: What are the qualifications of TLC tutors?

A: All professional tutors in TLC hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area. Associate tutors hold an associate’s degree in their discipline, and peer tutors have received an A or B in the subject areas in which they tutor. All tutors have been professionally trained through the College Reading and Learning Association‘s certified tutor training program.

Q: What do students have to do before they can start their tutoring session?

A: Students who have been referred to TLC by an instructor must bring their completed Tutoring Referral Form with them. When arriving for an appointment, students should bring their text, assignment instructions, and all other relevant materials. Faculty may refer their students by completing the referral form here:

Q: Can a student come to TLC to get help instead of going to class?

A: No. TLC is not a substitute for class. We are here to supplement the instruction that the student receives from their classroom instructor.

Q: May I drop off a paper to be reviewed?

A: No. The English tutors do not proofread papers. Students should bring the assignment given by the instructor and all work they have done on the paper. This will be used to facilitate a tutoring session.

Q: What should I bring with me when I come for tutoring sessions?

A: Students should have completed, or attempted to complete, their assignment before coming to TLC. The tutor will base the session on the topics that the students has trouble with. Students should bring with them their course syllabus, and any books and notebooks related to the topic they are receiving tutoring for. They should bring a pen or pencil and paper. Math students should bring their calculator with them also.