Robeson Community College

The Importance of Foundation Scholarships

Why are scholarships important?

They are important to donors because through these gifts those that we love and admire most in the world live on and continue to positively impact our community.

They are important to the recipients because they allow the fulfillment of dreams, the sustainment of families and the development of the local economy.

Read on for the story of a scholarship in the Turbeville family:

“Shortly after our brother was buried, I was sitting at my desk, numb with grief. I kept thinking that there had to be a way to make some sense of the loss, of a way for Ron’s name to live on in a positive fashion. Ron was a very loving person who spent much of his time caring for other people, not only at work but also in his private life. He was dedicated to the care of our elderly stepfather and mother, and gave selflessly of his time and energy during the last years of their lives.

The thought then occurred- what about a memorial nursing scholarship in his name? Ron’s name would go on in nursing through the education of others in the nursing field. It has also been a constructive way of dealing with the grief and loss because we know that Ron continues to help others through his scholarship. We all feel that with each donation Ron’s legacy continues. Friends and family continue to make donations to Ron’s scholarship for other people and in honor of birthdays and other holidays. I was touched at my last birthday when a friend told me that she and her husband had made a donation in honor of me. I don’t remember ever getting a gift that meant so much to me. I would encourage families who are dealing with loss to consider establishing an endowed scholarship. Our family now feels that we are part of the Robeson Community College family. And Ron would be so proud.”

Lynda F. Turbeville 11/29/2006


A former recipient of the Ronald G. Turbeville Memorial Nursing Scholarship writes, “I’m enclosing a check for $500 in Ron’s memory. I hope this money helps a future nurse- and I hope through this Ron continues to touch lives as he touched mine. I just want to help keep his memory alive.”