Robeson Community College

Testing FAQ


Do I have to take the placement test?

  • RCC uses multiple measures to determine course placement. One of those measures is placement testing. Placement testing is used if the student does not meet any of the other requirements under our multiple measures policy. Students may be exempt from taking the placement test if their course does not require a Math or English prerequisite. Students may also be exempt if they have official placement testing scores less than 5 years old. We accept NC DAP, Accuplacer, COMPASS, and ASSET. Please request an official copy of your scores to be sent to us from the issuing institution, if you have already completed a placement test and would like to use those scores.

What placement test is administered at RCC?

  • RCC uses the North Carolina Diagnostic and Placement (NC DAP) test. It is a computer-based adaptive test measuring your skills in Math, English and Reading. The test is multiple-choice, with the exception of the Writeplacer® Essay component.

Is appointment required? How do I schedule one?

  • An appointment is strongly recommended for testing. Please come by our office in the Fred G. Williams Student Center (building 13, room 1301) or call to schedule a placement test at 910.272.3342. Our institution does operate a waitlist for each scheduled test session that is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space is not guaranteed for students walking-in on test day as it is for those who make an appointment to test.

Does RCC offer testing accommodations?

  • Yes. Please contact the Office of Counseling and Special Services prior to testing at 910.2723345. The accommodations available are: extended test time, enlarged print, and sound.

Are there any study materials?

Where do I check-in for testing?

  • Please arrive at the Admissions Office located in the Fred G. Williams Student Center (building 13) room 1301 on test day for check-in. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow for check-in.

What do I bring on test day?

  • A photo ID is necessary to take the placement test. Please note that calculators are not permitted as one is provided within the testing software for the math portion. Scratch paper and pencil is also provided to each student for testing.

Will I receive a copy of my test scores?

  • After the NC DAP Reading and English (DRE) and Math (DMA) components are completed, students meet with an Admissions Specialist to receive copies of their test scores and program approval.

How can I request an official copy of test scores?

  • Please complete the Permission for Release of Test Scores Form and return to our office for processing. There is no fee associated with the release of test scores. 

Can I take the placement test more than once?

  • Yes, RCC does allow retesting. Please see Placement Testing Rules for more details.

How long is the test?

  • Testing time is usually three to four hours, but will vary based upon student ability and experience in reading comprehension, writing and math.