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Placement Testing Rules ®        Scores Valid for 5 years

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  ACCUPLACER Placement Test

  1. Students who complete the college’s placement test are allowed only one retest session on the Reading & English assessment, WritePlacer essay assessment or NC DAP math assessment per year within 30 days of the initial test. Test scores are valid for 5 years.
  2. Students will be placed according to the most recent test score or highest score obtained.
  3. Students who elect to retest will be charged a $5 fee per unit.
  1. The Reading and English assessment is considered one unit; the WritePlacer essay is considered two units. Math is considered one unit.
  2. Students must obtain a Retest Form and pay the cashier prior to re-testing. The receipt will be stapled to the Retest Form; both must be presented to the testing administrator.
  1. Prior to retesting, it is recommended that students complete a review class (online or face-to-face). Information regarding the schedule is available in the Testing office.
  2. Students may not retest while enrolled in a pre-college course (DMS or DRE) or after an unsuccessful completion of the course. Once students begin the pre-college sequence, they must complete it as outlined on their educational plan, prior to enrolling in the gateway English or math course.

Other RCC Test Policies

QEP/Math 050

Students who place into QEP courses (Reading & Writing) and Math 050 (NC DAP) will be required to complete a post-test after completion of coursework.

Early College

Robeson Community College has established a testing procedure for Early College students that allows students to test once per semester until they earn the minimum required scores to enter curriculum courses.

Placement is scheduled in the fall and spring semester for Early College students.  The testing procedure allows students who did not meet the desired placement scores established by RCC and the NCCCS on their first attempt, to test again the following semester.  The College allows retesting for ECHS students so they can remediate in areas where the minimum score was not achieved.  All remediation for ECHS students is provided by the Public Schools of Robeson County.  Remediation is required before they are allowed to test again.