Robeson Community College

Student Network Accounts

Network Accounts for Students
RCC is providing network accounts to students. Their network account will allow them to log into the computer workstations on campus. In the future students will be able to save documents to the network in a secure location.
The first time student’s login, they may experience a short delay while their directories are being created (up to 3-4 minutes). Please allow the system time to do this.
Network Account Login Process:
For students their Username is first initial, last initial and datatel number and their initial password is their birthdate in capitalized first initial, last initial MMDDYY form. For example if your name is John Doe and your datatel number is 0000020 and your birthdate is 03/05/1986 your Username would be jd0000020 and your initial password would be Jd030586.
You will be prompted to enroll in the password reset program Portal Guard upon your first login. You should complete this process since passwords are set to expire every 90 days, you will need to be able to reset your password or change it once a day if you choose to do so.
You will be able to use your username and password on any campus computer to login. Once you are at a computer on campus follow the steps below to login:
Step 1
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and skip to Step 3
Step 2
If a Switch User button displays on the log on screen, click the button.
Step 3
On the screen that displays, click Other User.
Step 4
Enter your User name and your password and click the arrow button or press Enter.