Robeson Community College

RCC ID Cards

Sample RCC ID Card

Please fill out this form and bring it with you to the Circulation Desk at the Library.

Rules and regulations:

  • Curriculum students must have a copy of their paid registration form to receive an ID.  
  • College and Career Readiness (“CCR”) students and Career and College Promise (“CCP”) students should be escorted to the library by a faculty member (preferably with a class roster)  If a student comes individually, they should bring a copy of the departmental forms that have been completed in triplicate, e.g., the CCR Testing Form or the CCR Registration Form.
  • All students will need an ID card for access to library services and before they can be issued a parking permit.
  • All ID cards will be valid for two years after the issue date.
  • A $5.00 charge will apply to cards reprinted to students for lost, damaged, or stolen cards. This fee is paid at the RCC Business Office in Building 2, and students must show proof of payment in order for the Library to make a new ID card.

**Per campus security, all head wear (headwear and/or facial scarves, etc.) must be removed for i.d. photos.  Exceptions can be made with special permission for cultural or religious reasons.