Robeson Community College
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8-wk Online Classes start 3/11

See below for 8-week completely online classes that begin March 11.

RCC also offers online classes through short-term training and continuing education that start throughout the semester. Click here for the schedule. 

Please note that some classes may have prerequisites / and or special admissions requirements that must be met prior to enrolling. Please see an admissions officer for details. 


Completely Online 8-week Classes  

  • ACA-111     College Student Success
  • ACA-122     College Transfer Success
  • ART-111       Art Appreciation
  • BIO-168       Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BUS-125      Personal Finance
  • BUS-153      Human Resource Management
  • BUS-270      Professional Development
  • CJC-131       Criminal Law
  • CJC-225       Crisis Intervention
  • CJC-231       Constitutional Law
  • CJC-232       Civil Liability
  • CJC-233       Correctional Law
  • EDU-119       Intro to Early Child Education
  • EDU-145      Child Development II
  • EDU-250      Teacher Licensure Preparation
  • EMS-235      EMS Management
  • ENG-002      Transition English
  • ENG-111        Writing and Inquiry
  • ENG-112       Writing/Research in the Disc
  • HIS-111         World Civilizations I
  • HRM-240     Marketing for Hospitality
  • HRM-280     Mgmt Problems-Hospitality
  • HSC-110        Orientation to Health Careers
  • MAT-003      Transition Math
  • MAT-110       Math Measurement & Literacy
  • MAT-143      Quantitative Literacy
  • MED-120      Survey of Med Terminology
  • MUS-110      Music Appreciation
  • OST-142       Med Office Terms II
  • OST-249      Med Coding Certification Prep
  • PED-110       Fit and Well for Life
  • PSY-150       General Psychology
  • PSY-241       Developmental Psych
  • SOC-210      Introduction to Sociology
  • SPA-211       Intermediate Spanish I

                      …. and more