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Single Stop

At the Single Stop office, students can screen for multiple community benefits (SNAP, WIC, Tax Credits, and Healthcare), get help accessing those benefits, and have a place to discuss ways to improve job skills and receive academic coaching.  Information and referrals to both on and off-campus resources are confidential and free for Robeson Community College students.  The Single Stop office provides an opportunity for students to access free support services and community resources that will help them achieve their academic goals. 

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“RCC’s Single Stop office is a place where students can go to talk to someone who is focused on addressing their needs and concerns in a welcoming environment, and who is genuine in helping them get connected to different resources.” – Cynthia Quintero, Single Stop Coordinator

 Benefits Screener is where students can go to get screened for multiple government benefits and local community resources, receive assistance in accessing those benefits and follow-up to make sure they’re successful. Benefits and services include things like Food Stamps, childcare assistance, Medicaid, free tax preparation, financial counseling, and legal referrals. All services are free for Robeson Community College students.

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The Learning Center

Serves students by offering tutoring services, writing assistance, supplemental instruction, and computer-assisted learning in an environment that is supportive and encouraging.

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Food Bank
RCC Food Bank
Free Food Help to RCC Students
Building 8, Room 804
(910) 272-3448| Phoebe Chavis-Harris
Career Closet
2 Free Professional Outfits per Semester
Building 14, Room 1459A
(910) 272-3451 | Joy Bukowy
Truckload of Hope

The Truckload of Hope is a joint effort of the Diaper Bank of NC and Robeson County Partnership for Children. 
Each family who registers and visits the Truckload of Hope will receive FREE disposable diapers for their children. Children in diaper sizes 5 and smaller will receive 50 diapers per child. Children in diaper size 6 or pull-ups will receive 30 diapers per child. We do not provide diapers for expecting families.

Click here to register for The Truckload of Hope

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Free Help with completing FAFSA 
Building 13, Financial Aid Office
(910) 272-3352 | Janice Bonner

Robeson Community College has partnered with South East Area Transit System (SEATS) and the RCC Barnes and Noble Bookstore, to allow students to use financial aid monies to purchase S.E.A.T.S. tickets through the bookstore as a service. 

Purchase Ticket

Visit the RCC Bookstore in Building 9 to purchase tickets.  Tickets are available to students during the financial aid charge periods.

Before you purchase tickets, call SEATS at 910-618-5679 to ensure transportation coverage for your area.

# of Tickets Standard Cost Per Ticket RCC Price
1 $2 $2
10 $20 $17.50
20 $40 $35
Refund Policy

SEATS tickets purchased at the Barnes & Noble College Bookstore are ALL SALES FINAL. There will be no refunds and no replacements for lost or unused tickets. Students are encouraged to purchase only the amount of tickets they need for the semester. SEATS tickets purchased at the Barnes & Noble College Bookstore are provided as a service to Robeson Community College students; however, students must abide by SEATS transportation policy as outlined in their brochures.

No-Show Policy

When a reservation is made for transportation you are added to a list. If a transit vehicle arrives at your home two (2) times within thirty (30) days and there is no response or you cancel your ride when the transit vehicle arrives at your door (a no-show), a transit vehicle will not return to your home for the next five (5) days. If on the next or third attempt to pick you up within the same thirty (30) days you fail to cancel your ride or there is no response, your transportation service will be suspended for thirty (30) days. You must cancel your reservation at least one (1) hour before we are scheduled to pick you up. However, when a suspension of service occurs, the passenger may pay the fully allocated cost (not the fare amount) of the no-show trip(s) and continue to ride.

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Student Success Counselor | Building – 13 
Phone: (910) 272-3344