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Robeson Community College

Healthy RCC Pledge

All students are asked to acknowledge the following community commitment when returning to campus and before the start of the semester.


I ___________________(name) acknowledge and pledge to abide by the RCC safety measures because I am committed to ensuring the health and safety of our campus community:

  • I will properly wear a mask or face covering in all in-person classes and in all campus facilities and locations.
  • I will stand, sit, and wait a minimum of 6 feet from other individuals.
  • I will not get into an elevator with another individual unless we are both wearing masks or face coverings.
  • I will abide by all posted health and safety guidelines posted throughout campus.
  • I will actively self-monitor my own personal health and remain home when I am sick.

I understand these RCC safety measures are in place to not only protect my own personal health, but that of my peers, faculty, and staff I interact with while on campus.

Download the Healthy RCC Pledge

Safe RCC – COVID-19 Updates

Overview of Safety Measures

Safe Return to Campus Plan

          – Health & Safety Overview

          – Health & Safety Protocols

          – Face Coverings

          – Social Distancing

          – Cleaning & Disinfecting

          – Personal Hygiene

          – Direct & Indirect Exposure

          – Healthy RCC Pledge

          – Faculty & Staff Return – PowerPoint

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