Robeson Community College

Proctor Policy

In some online and hybrid courses, instructors may require students to either visit campus at specified times and locations to take one or more examinations or to obtain an instructor approved proctor to administer exams. If a student is too far away from campus to take an examination onsite, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange proctoring at a local university, library, or other suitable site. If the proctor option is selected, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain an acceptable proctor.

Students must submit names, positions, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of the potential proctors and locations where exams are or can be administered. Proctors and locations must meet with the reasonable approval of the instructor. Once an instructor approves of a proctor and testing procedure, the RCC instructor will contact the proctor and arrange for delivery and return of the exam. The instructor, proctor, and student will agree upon the time and parameters under which the exam is given.

Students are responsible for any fees charged by proctors.

Qualified proctors may be:

• Administrators of recognized private testing centers

• Administrators or full-time faculty at accredited universities, colleges, or community colleges

• Principals, associate/assistant principals, and counselors of US public schools

• US Forces Military Commanders of Field Grade or above

• Education Services Officers on US military installations within the US or overseas

• US embassy or consulate officials

Qualified proctors may not be friends or family members!

Again, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain an acceptable proctor. The process of identifying a proctor, obtaining approval, and exam coordination takes time. Students must make arrangements for a proctor and testing location at least two weeks prior to an examination. Failure to do so may result in a zero for the examination.