Robeson Community College

Nurse Aide Career Technical Education Pathway — D45970D

The NC Career and College Promise Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways are designed for accelerated high school juniors and seniors who are ready to get a head start on career and technical courses that will lead to a job credential, certificate, or diploma in a technical career.
The Nurse Aide Pathway prepares individuals to work under the supervision of licensed health care professionals in performing nursing care and services for persons of all ages. It also allows for coursework for competitive admission into health science programs.

Admissions Criteria

  • To be eligible for enrollment, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a high school junior or senior;
  • Be enrolled in a High School Career Cluster/Concentration that is aligned with the Nurse Aide diploma;
  • Have a weighted GPA of 3.0 on high school courses or approval of your high school principal or designee;
  • Meet all program prerequisites.

If you meet these qualifications, submit your Career and College Promise application, official high school transcripts, and any applicable test scores (official, unopened original copies) to RCC. See your school counselor for more information.

Course Schedule

 First Semester (Fall)
Course Title Class
HSC 110 Orientation to Health Careers (1 SHC)
MED 120 Survey of Medical Terminology (2 SHC)
NAS 101 Nurse Aide I (6 SHC)
*ENG 111 Writing & Inquiry (3 SHC)
 Second Semester (Spring)
Course Title Class
*ENG 112 Writing/Research in the Disciplines (3 SHC)
NAS 102 Nurse Aide II (6 SHC)
Third Semester (Summer)
Course Title Class
*PSY 150 General Psychology (3 SHC)
Fourth Semester (Fall)
Course Title Class
BIO 168 Human Anatomy & Physiology (4 SHC)
*MAT 171 Pre-Calculus Algebra (4 SHC)
Fifth Semester (Spring)
Course Title Class
BIO 169 Human Anatomy & Physiology (4 SHC)
*PHI 240 Introduction to Ethics (3 SHC)

Registration Process
Students will register for classes at RCC during a special registration period. Once the registration period begins, you will be registered on a first come, first-served basis. Please see your high school counselor for more information.

Articulated Courses

High School Community College
HN 43 Nursing Fundamentals NAS 101 (NC Nurse Aide I Registry required)
HU 10 Health Team Relations
HU 40 Health Science I and Med 120 Survey of Medical Terminology
HU 42 Health Science II
Certification exam and eligible for National Registry listing and employment.

 Premajor courses part of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) and Independent Comprehensive Agreement (ICAA) and will transfer to four year institutions in the state of North Carolina.

*Universal General Education Transfer Component [UGETC] courses transfer to any four year institution as a lower general education elective.

Class Locations
All courses are offered on the RCC campus. To find a specific course offering, search for sections online by selecting the “Class Schedules” option on the RCC website: