Machine Shop CNC Operator Certificate C50240CNC


This certificate program is designed to provide individuals with entry-level competencies in blueprint reading, maintenance procedures, vertical mill, lathes, CAD and basic CNC programming.

Program Curriculum      
Total 12
Course Description Class Lab Clin Work Credit
Hrs. Hrs. Hrs.Exp.Hrs.
BPR 111 Blue Print Reading12002
MNT 110 Maintenance Procedures13002
MEC 110 CAD/CAM(CNC)12002
MEC 111 Machine Shop Processes14003
ISC 110 Work Place Safety10001
BPR 115ELC/FIuid Power Diagrams (CAD)12002

For a printable Program Checklist click the link below:

C50240CNC Industrial Systems Technology (Certificate) – Machine Shop-CNC Operator – Catalog 2016-2017 With Notes