Industrial Systems Technology (AAS) A50240BR


The Industrial Systems Technology curriculum is designed to prepare or upgrade individuals to safely service, maintain, repair, or install equipment. Instruction includes theory and skill training needed for inspecting, testing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing industrial systems.

Students will learn multi-craft technical skills in print reading, mechanical systems maintenance, electricity, hydraulics/ pneumatics, welding, machining or fabrication, and includes various diagnostic and repair procedures. Practical application in these industrial systems will be emphasized and additional advanced course work may be offered.

Upon completion of this curriculum, graduates should be able to individually, or with a team, safely install, inspect, diagnose, repair, and maintain industrial process and support equipment. Students will also be encouraged to develop their skills as life-long learners.

Admission Requirements and Special Conditions

A high school diploma (or equivalent), satisfactory scores on college placement tests (or equivalent) and a minimum GPA in English and mathematics are required. If students have deficiencies in English and/or mathematics, RCC offers pre-college courses to prepare students for the Industrial Systems Technology curriculum.

This is not a Transfer Program.

The BR, or Bridge program is intended for students who may be interested in pursuing a four-year degree in this field. THIS IS NOT A TRANSFER PROGRAM. However, the selection of Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) courses will reduce the number of additional courses required for admission to the four-year institution. Before selecting this program, contact the four-year institution(s) in which you are interested to verify entrance requirements.

Admission to this program requires prior approval from the Industrial Technology Programs Department Chairperson.

Program Curriculum      
Total 72
1st YearFirst Semester (FALL)
ACA 122College Transfer Success02001
WLD 112Basic Welding Processes13002
ELC 112DC/AC Electricity36005
MAT 171Precalculus Algegra32004
CIS 110Introduction to Computers22003
BPR 111Print Reading12002
MNT 110Intro to maintenance13002
Semester Total10200019
Second Semester (SPRING)
HYD 110Hydraulics/Pneumatics23003
ENG 111Writing & Inquiry30003
ELN 229Industrial Electronics33004
ELC 117Motors and Controls26004
Semester Total10120014
Summer Session
MEC 110Introduction to CAD/CAM12002
MEC 111Machine Processes I14003
ELC 128Introduction to PLC23003
ISC 110Work Place Safety10001
Semester Total59009
2nd YearThird Semester (FALL)
BPR 115ELC/Fluid Power Diagrams12002
ENG 112Writing/Research in the Disciplines30003
ELC 228PLC Applications26004
AHR 120HVACR Maintenance13002
WLD 212Inert Gas Welding13002
Semester Total8140013
Fourth Semester (SPRING)
UGETC Social/Behavioral Science Elective30003
PLU 111Intro. to Basic Plumbing13002
MNT 263Elcetro-Pneu Components24004
MEC 276Capstone Design Project03001
UGETC Humanities/Fine Arts Elective30003
PHY 151College Physics I30004
Semester Total12120017

Additional Curriculum Notes:

1. The Humanities/Fine Arts elective can be satisfied by completing one of the following: ART-111, ART-114, ART-115, ENG-231, ENG-232, MUS-110, MUS-112, PHI- 215, PHI-240.

2. The UGETC Social/Behavioral elective can be satisfied by completing one of the following: ECO-251, ECO-252, HIS-111, HIS-112, HIS-131, HIS-132, POL-120, PSY-150, SOC-210.


For a printable Program Checklist click the link below:

A50240BR Industrial Systems Technology – Bridge (AAS) – Catalog 2016-2017 With Notes

A50240BR Industrial Systems Technology (AAS) 2015-16