Robeson Community College

Honors Requirements

Honors Projects
 In order to graduate with Honors, students are required to complete 4 Honors projects in different curriculum courses. These courses fulfill both Honors as well as AA/AS/AAS program requirements (ACA does not count towards this minimum). Students take a regularly scheduled curriculum course and propose an Honors contract with the instructor of the course. Each contract requires students to complete a significant project that entails in-depth research and a critical and/or creative thinking angle. Below are examples of Honors projects students have completed in the past:

  • Environmental Hazards in the Lumber River (CHM 152)
  • Marine Organisms and Their Biomedical Potential (CHM 151)
  • The Trickster Figure in American Religion (REL 221)
  • Matrilineal Family Structure in Native American Tribes (SOC 213)
  • Population Growth in Bacteria Samples (MAT 271)
  • Women in Film (ENG 112)
  • Social and Psychological Factors that Influence the Development of a Conscience (PSY 241)


Honors Club Meetings

Honors students are expected to regularly attend Honors Club meetings and actively participate in the club’s activities and decision making.



Honors Students will participate in activities as directed by the Honors Program. For example, this might include taking a leadership role in New Student Orientation or participating in a litter sweep.


Honors Capstone
Every spring, Honors students give an oral multi-media presentation that chronicles their growth and allows them to emphasize highlights of their projects.


GPA and Other Requirements
In order to remain in the Honors Program, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 program GPA in their first year and a minimum 3.25 program GPA in their second year. In addition, students are expected to participate actively in the Honors Program as well as meet all deadlines.