Honors Eligibility and Application

Apply by 4.30.18 to start Honors this Fall!

To be eligible for the Honors Program, students must be enrolled in an Associates Degree program by the time they begin Honors studies. They must have completed all pre-college/developmental course work in Math (DMS) and English (DRE).

Honors Application 

Reference Letter

High school seniors: High school seniors can apply while still in their senior year of high school. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon the GPA at the time of completion.

Current students: Current students who wish to be considered for acceptance into Honors should have completed at least 12 hours in their degree program by the time they begin Honors studies. If, at the time of application, those courses are still in progress, acceptance into the program is contingent upon the GPA at the time of completion.

New students: New students who earned their high school diploma or GED more than two years ago fall under the policy for current students.

GPA requirements: The minimum GPA requirement is 3.25 for new as well as current students. For new students, we look at the cumulative unweighted high school GPA. For current students, we look at the cumulative GPA of their curriculum courses.

To apply: Download the application and the reference letter form below. Print and complete the documents as required. They must be submitted to the Honors Program, together with all supporting materials.

Tip: Read the application carefully and begin planning soon. Some parts are quickly completed, but it might take a little while to obtain the  reference letter or to complete the creative introduction. You are welcome to contact us with any questions.