Robeson Community College

General Testing Information

Placement Testing with EdReady

All students graduating high school more than ten years ago and applying for a program at Robeson Community College are required to take the EdReady Placement Test, unless determined exempt. The assessment is a computer-adaptive testing program that quickly and accurately assesses student skill levels in Reading, Writing and Math. This assessment is designed to help you identify your present strengths and determine your academic readiness for your program of interest. Because the test is not timed, prospective students are able to work at their own pace; therefore, alleviating the pressure of completing the assessment within a specific time period. This advantage greatly reduces test anxiety for many students that may otherwise feel pressure during timed testing situations. Testing time is usually three to four hours, but will vary based upon student ability and experience in reading comprehension, writing and math. The EdReady assessment determines academic readiness for a student’s program of study. Calculators are provided to students during this assessment. Students obtain test results at the completion of Reading, Writing and Math assessments. All test scores a valid for ten years (see test preparation below).

Other Test Scores

Robeson Community College accepts other test scores such as the ACCUPLACER, SAT and ACT. All score must be within ten years.