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Need more information about making a gift?

Robeson Community College (RCC) is a comprehensive, open door two-year public community college with a mission to enhance the lifelong educational opportunities for adults appropriate to their needs, interests, and abilities. Whether you give a one-time cash contribution, set up an annual scholarship or establish an endowment, you are making a statement that you support Robeson CC students, the college and the community.

The Foundation staff  is always available to discuss the college, its mission and how you can become a part of the Robeson Community College family.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about Robeson Community College, the Foundation, and charitable giving opportunities. The Foundation Office is located in Building 2 (Office 226A & Office 226) on the RCC Campus, 5160 Fayetteville Road, Lumberton, NC 28360.

Foundation Staff (Executive Director, Rebekah Lowry, Executive Assistant, Ashleigh Windley & Robeson Scholars Coordinator, Elaine Chavis)



Rebekah Revels Lowry, MPA

Director, Foundation and Development

Robeson Community College

P.O. Box 1420

Lumberton NC 28359

Phone: (910) 272-3235

Fax: (910) 272-3237




Ashleigh Windley, M.Ed.

Executive Assistant

Foundation & Development

P.O. Box 1420

Lumberton, NC 28359

Phone: (910) 272-3236

Fax: (910) 272-3237