Robeson Community College

English and Humanities & Social Science Department

The English Department serves all curricula by providing instruction in pre-college English and reading, freshman composition, humanities (history, religion, music, art), professional research, literature, social science (psychology, sociology), and public speaking. These courses are integral to each of RCC’s associate degree programs. Moreover, the department is a critical partner within the University Transfer program.

Faculty work to assist students in the development of their writing, critical thinking, and communication skills as necessary to be successful upon their entrance into the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. Through classroom and student activities, the department seeks to 

  • Create an environment where students view writing as a form of inquiry, expression, and persuasion.
  • Expose students to a myriad of topics including global issues.
  • Expose students to and mentor students in opportunities in which they conduct, compose, and present academic and technical research.
  • Employ emerging technology to the delivery of course content.
  • Link course objectives to program and general education outcomes.
  • Connect with and monitor college transfer students (AA and AS).