Robeson Community College

Electrical System Technology Diploma D35130


Electrical Systems Technology curriculum is designed to provide training for persons interested in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems found in residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Course work, most of which is hands-on, includes such topics as AC/DC theory, residential wiring, programmable logic controllers, industrial motor controls, the National Electric Code, as well as other subjects as local needs require.

Graduates should qualify for a variety of jobs in the electrical field as an on-the-job trainee or apprentice assisting in the layout, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

Admission Requirements and Special Conditions

A high school diploma (or equivalent), satisfactory scores on college placement tests (or equivalent) and a minimum GPA in English and mathematics are required. If students have deficiencies in English and/or mathematics, RCC offers pre-college courses to prepare students for the Electrical Systems Technology curriculum.


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Electrical Systems Technology (D35130) Diploma

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D35130 Electrical System Technology (Diploma) -Current Catalog With Notes

D35130 Electrical System Technology (Diploma) – Catalog 2016-2017 With Notes

D35130 Electrical Electronics Technology (Diploma) 2015-16