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Electronic Health Records


When a patient visits any type of health facility, a record of all treatment outcomes and observations must be established. And all of this information must be represented in the form of a medical record.

In a revolutionary effort to improve the way patient data is accurately maintained in a variety of health care settings, our medical industry is undergoing a historical transition from traditional paper records to digital records.

All sectors of the medical industry, including doctors’ offices, outpatient centers, hospitals, nursing care facilities and home health care services, will benefit from the expertise of an individual with a firm background in electronic health records.

That’s why early government research projects predict that approximately 212,000 jobs could be created from this movement.

If you are ready for this exciting challenge, Robeson Community College has the career training program for you – Electronic Health Records. Enhance your current medical training program or upgrade your present medical career with skills that are in-demand.

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