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Loaner Laptop Program

RCC has a Loaner Laptop Program through which RCC students, who are in immediate need of a device and in good standing, are eligible to borrow a laptop for home use for the duration of a single semester.  Use of this device is for the sole purpose of fulfilling educational requirements as a current student at Robeson Community College.  Academic advisors, program directors, and instructors must submit referrals on behalf of students identified for the program.  Referrals should be made through Aviso by adding a ‘Needs a Loaner Laptop’ alert for that student, or can be emailed to the library director.

The person who checks out the laptop is responsible for its safe return in good condition. Laptops should never be left unattended; Anne Moss-Biggs Library assumes no responsibility if the laptop is stolen while checked out to a user, either in the library or elsewhere.

If a device is lost or stolen on campus, immediately call Campus Security at (910) 674-6428 to report the incident and complete a report. If a college-owned laptop is lost or stolen while off- campus, first file a police report with the appropriate local authorities, then report the occurrence to Robeson Community College campus security with the associated police report.  The fee for a lost or stolen laptop is $100.00. Before a replacement device is given, the student must have satisfied the monetary requirements and reporting for the type of incident that occurred.  Note that, pursuant to N.C.G.S § 114-15.1, the President of the College shall report possible violations of criminal statutes involving misuse of State property to the State Bureau of Investigation.

In the event of a damaged or lost/stolen laptop, the Library will supply (1) additional laptop to the student whom checked out the device with the Library for that semester only. By checking out a laptop, the student will be held financially responsible in cases of damage, loss of, or theft of the laptop. The fee for a damaged device is $50.00.

Laptops must be returned at the end semester of each semester.  If a student is still in need of a device, that student will have to seek out a referral at the start of the next semester.  Once a referral has been made, the library director will inform the person who placed the alert as to whether there are any loaner laptops available.  If not, students will be added to a waiting list in the order that the alerts were received. 

If equipment is available, students should proceed to the Anne Moss-Biggs Library in Building 4 where the library staff will assist them with completing a laptop loan agreement form.

The Loaner Laptop Program is intended to assist students who need a device and who, temporarily, do not have monies (financial aid or otherwise) to purchase one for themselves.  It is not intended to be a long-term solution.

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RCC Loaner Laptop Program