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Career Exploration

Career and Major Exploration

If you are undecided about a major or not sure about the major you are considering, you’re not alone! Many students begin college unsure about their major or may change their major after a semester or two of college. Counseling and Career Services can assist you with exploring your career options.

First, let’s define Career Exploration. Career Exploration is a process that involves activities to assist you with making a decision about a career or major. During this process you will learn about yourself and the world of work, explore and identify career options suitable for you, and develop a plan to achieve your career goal.

Counseling and Career Services offers various services to assist you with career and major exploration. You may be a student who recently graduated from high school and now returning to college, who is unsure about their major or interested in exploring other options. These are reasons to seek out assistance with a counselor.   Call (910) 272-3353 to schedule an appointment or come by our office to meet with a counselor.