Robeson Community College

Academic Advising

Academic advising is considered essential to student success at Robeson Community College. The goal of our advising program is to assist students with clarifying their academic and career goals and developing their academic plans. Advising is a process that provides students with up to date information about career options, educational programs, course requirements, campus policies and procedures, and the availability of student support services.

New or returning students should understand it is important to develop a relationship with their advisor. Students are encouraged during advising to become independent learners and decision-makers and become responsible for their academic choices and education plans. Advising is not just about registration. The student and their advisor are both responsible for the success of the advising relationship. Advising involves not only the student and their assigned advisor, but other campus resources and programs such as student services, academic support programs, faculty, counselors and faculty members.

Advisors are faculty members, instructors, counselors, and other professionals who are trained to assist students with understanding their career goals and academic options. All students are assigned an advisor on campus, whether full-time or part-time and are required to meet with them at least once a semester. Advisors may work with students in class, group settings, information sessions and workshops, in addition to individual advising meetings. Group advising may include specific program topics, such as how to register for classes, prepare for a test, take notes, or seek out other campus resources.

Take advantage of the many advising opportunities on our campus. Counseling and Career Services can assist you with exploring majors and programs you may be interested in at RCC. Call (910) 272-3353 to meet with a counselor or stop by our office located in Building 13.