Robeson Community College

Clock Hour Conversion

A program of at least one academic year in duration that leads to a certificate or other non-degree recognized credential and prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation must undergo clock hour conversion as prescribed by federal law (34 CFR 668.8). Robeson Community College has several programs of study that require clock hour conversion to be eligible for federal student aid. A/C Heating and Refrigeration, Cosmetology, Electrical/Electronics Technology, Industrial Systems Technology, Practical Nursing, Surgical Technology and Welding are all diploma programs offered at our institution that require clock hour conversion. Currently, the Clock Hour Conversion formula provided by the Department of Education is:


(How to Determine Clock Hour Conversion)

 (A) Credit Hrs     X    (B) Contact Hrs (16)   ÷   (C) Semester Weeks (37)  = (D) Clock  Hrs for Financial Aid

After clock hour conversion is completed on a student’s course load, the number of clock hours is used to determine the financial aid enrollment status. Completing this process may affect a student’s financial aid award. Clock hour conversion must be completed for all courses under an approved program of study that offers diplomas/certificates each semester.