Robeson Community College

Admissions Staff

Located in Building 13, the Admissions Office Staff are available to assist you with your enrollment process at Robeson Community College. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

Name Office Phone Email

Ronnie Locklear, Director of Enrollment Services & Admissions

1301 (910)272-3347

Patricia Locklear, Recruiter 1301 (910)272-3356
Andrew Collier, Admissions Specialist 1301 (910)272-3340
Angelena Hall, Admissions Specialist 1301 (910)272-3358
Sherry Martin, Admissions Specialist 1301 (910)272-3336
Melinda Brewer, Data Clerk 1301 (910)272-3331
Phyllis Locklear, Admissions Support 1301