Quick review of SSS at RCC
We serve 160 students and are located in Building 14, Room 1442B. Students are selected by demonstrating an academic need and meeting one of the following criteria: first generation (neither parent graduated from a 4 year college), low income (as determined by federal guidelines) or disabled (registered with Mr. Ronnie Sampson or can provide documentation verifying disability).

What you can expect from TRiO Student Support Services
The Robeson Community College TRiO Program is all about your success! TRiO sends out important information via email, letters, and informational fliers are posted in our office. Information sent out may be concerning upcoming university deadlines, TRiO events, transfer events, workshops, scholarship opportunities, personal academic information and other items of interest throughout the year. It is vital that you check your Robeson Community College email often and keep your mailing address updated so that you will receive important information from TRiO and the college.

Robeson Community College TRiO Program strives to offer quality service at all times. We will listen, help you to problem-solve and find answers to your questions, treat you with respect and keep your information confidential. Our goal is to support you and help you succeed as a student.

Academic advising: We will assist you with mapping out a plan that addresses your academic goals

Tutoring: Receive personal attention and support to supplement your learning. We have a tutorial lab in our office that is staffed by four professional tutors.

Counseling: Students can receive personal confidential counseling by TRIO staff members

Computer Lab Access: Our computer lab is shared with tutorial support and offers seven computers for students to complete homework assignments or conduct inquiries for research papers.

Cultural Enrichment: When you become a part of TRIO we want to offer not just academic support but opportunities to engage in different activities and experience the rich culture of our state. We have visited the NC Transportation Museum, the Mint Museum, Raleigh’s Farmers Market and Wilmington’s downtown area. One event is planned per year and feedback is sought from TRIO students.

Transfer Assistance: The transfer process can be a complex pathway. We are here to help you navigate and to explore different four year universities through campus tours and attending speaking engagements.

Financial Literacy: College costs can become a burden without proper financial planning. TRIO staff offer FAFSA assistance, information about the RCC Foundation scholarships and help with finding and completing external scholarship applications.

Career Advising: When a student is accepted into the TRIO program they are given a career assessment to facilitate career exploration. Once completed, this assessment is reviewed by the TRIO Counselor and options of internship and career opportunities are discussed.